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9/16/2016 Selected Case Studies on Cyber Crime 1/21

Cyber Crime in India: Case Studies

While I have a huge collection of international cyber crimes I thought it may be more relevant if we discuss Indian Cyber crime casestudies. However if any of you is interested in international case studies please do reach me. I have not arranged the followingsection in an order to create flow of thought for the reader. And it is possible there is a drift from the taxonomy which we havedefined in the beginning.

Insulting Images of Warrior Shivaji on Google ‐ Orkut


An Indian posts ‘insulting images’ of respected warrior‐saint Shivaji on Google’s Orkut. Indian police come knocking at Google’sgilded door demanding the IP address (IP uniquely identifies every computer in the world) which is the source of this negative image. Google, India hands over the IP address.No such incident in India would be complete without a few administrative slip‐ups. The computer with that IP address is usingAirtel, India as the ISP to connect to the internet and Orkut. Airtel gives police the name of an innocent person using a different IPaddress. How two IP addresses could be mixed‐up in a sensitive police case is anyone’s guess.An innocent Indian, Lakshmana Kailash K, is arrested in Bangalore and thrown in jail for 3 weeks. Eventually, his innocence is provedand he is released in Oct, 2007.A number of news media report this incident. American citizen and India lover Christopher Soghoian (home page studies Informatics at Indiana University and researches/writes about security, privacy and computercrime. Christopher does an excellent article on this topic for the blogs at respected tech media group CNET. Like all good writers, Christopher Soghoian, gives Google, India a list of questions so that he can give a balanced perspective to themillions of CNET readers.

How does Google, India respond?

The only comment was: "Google has very high standards for user privacy and a clear privacy policy, and authorities are required tofollow legal process to get information. In compliance with Indian legal process, we provided Indian law enforcement authoritieswith IP address information of an Orkut user."

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