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  • Shifting Valley: Kathmandu in Transition

    by Indira Kumar, Kathmandu, Nepal, is at once a city and a mountain valley which is being transformed by major infrastructural changes. In many parts of this metropolis, one can sense that old and new co-exist in a kind of chaotic harmony. New high-rise buildings have begun to dominate the cityscape. Roads are being wid...

  • Inheriting Winemaking: Cizhong ‘Rose Honey’ Wine Production on the Upper Mekong River in Northwest Yunnan Province, China

    by Fei Sun and Brendan A. Galipeau, this photo essay describes the history and process of grape wine production in Tibetan Cizhong Village of Northwest Yunnan Province, China. It follows and documents the annual winemaking tradition in one village household, and also provides photos showing the blending of wine into ever...

  • Networked Objects

    by Emma Martin (Senior Curator of Ethnology, National Museums Liverpool) Objects and their archives make tangible networks and connections that might not be obvious from other sources. These material records connect people, place...

  • Starting Over: Bhutanese-Nepali Refugees in Utica, NY

    by Kathryn Stam (Associate Professor of Anthropology, SUNY Polytechnic Institute), Katie Reilly, and Mon Ranamagar. The United States accepted 60,000 Bhutanese-Nepali refugees for resettlement starting in 2008. The small population (about 350 people) ...

  • Austin Lord: Making a ‘Hydropower Nation’: Subjectivity, Mobility, and Work in the Nepalese Hydroscape

    As the production of Nepal’s hydropower future continues to intensify, more Nepalis are becoming ayojaanale prabhabit manchhe or ‘project-affected people.’ Focused on projects under construction in the upper watersheds of the Trishuli and Tamakoshi rivers, this photo essay evaluates overlapping and uneven pa...

  • Sam Cowan: All Change at Rasuwa Garhi

    Sam Cowan first visited the historic crossing point between Nepal and Tibet at Rasuwa Garhi in October 2006. He revisited the place in March 2013. In the same month he also visited the existing road crossing between Nepal and the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR) at Friendship Bridge to see the changes taking place there and...

  • Jul 7, 2017-Police are yet to crack the mystery surrounding the murder of three children at Pyauli Marengdanda-3 in Arun Rural Municipality of Bhojpur district.

    Locals have been left panic stricken after the police failed to track the culprits behind the murder yet.

    Ranjib Sapkota, 16, Sushma Phuyal, 14 and Pradeep Phuyal, 8, who had been missing since June 24, were found dead at a fish pond belonging to one Toren Karki at around 7 am on June 26.

    Sushma and Pradeep are the members of a single family while Ranjib is their neighbour.

    The fish pond is 150 metres away from their houses.

    A pall of gloom has enveloped the village following the death of three children.

    Ranjib was the youngest son among the three children while Sushma and Pradeep were the two children among the three of Chetnath Phuyal.


    Published: 07-07-2017 16:21

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