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TOV Rose is the Radio Host of To The Jew First Radio, featured on 980AM KKMS.com. He is the author of several books, including The Book of GOD, The New Messianic Version of the Bible, The Paranormal GOD, The Seams of the Hebrew Bible, The Baptism of Jesus from a Jewish Perspective, and The Fall of the American Babylon--on Amazon. Tov is a Conference Speaker, producer, performer, Bible teacher, chaplain, pastor and founder of The Entertainment Industry Chaplains. For more than 20 years he has been active working with people to help them better understand God, the Jewishness of Jesus, and live more fulfilling lives. When not writing books and all those other things, he enjoys quiet times at home with his wife, children and praying together with a group of grandmothers who have the uncanny knack of being able to bend God's ear. Michelle Rose Michelle's parents are believers. She was raised knowing she was Jewish and Jesus is Messiah. During college, she sensed a call on her life to share the Messiah with her people. After graduation she moved to New York City to work in Jewish missions. There they met, and were married in 1998. In 2003, they moved to my hometown, Minneapolis, Minnesota, representing Chosen People Ministries and ministering in the South-Metro area. Our heart's desire is to see all people, Jewish and Gentile, experience the life-changing love of our Heavenly Father through Jesus our Messiah. Mike Rose Mike Rose: Is the Radio co-Host of To The Jew First Radio, featured on 980AM KKMS.com. After his mother died (age 3) Mike was raised by his mother's grandparents, in a conservative Jewish home. At the age of eleven he became Orthodox-Jewish. Mike was exposed to Christianity through his future wife's friend's at weddings, and began questioning his Jewish religious upbringing. Looking for answers, he experimented with many New Age movements, and was eventually brought to faith by some very caring Christian business associates in 1973. In the early 1990's following the Lord's leading, Mike started his own ministry called, Rose of Sharon Ministries of Minnesota, teaching the Hebrew Roots of faith to Churches and pastors in the Mid-West. He has three children, all of whom are in ministry themselves.

Lives on the Boundary by Mike Rose Essay

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Lives on the Boundary by Mike Rose

The book Lives on the Boundary, written by Mike Rose, provides great insight to what the new teaching professional may anticipate in the classroom. This book may be used to inform a teacher’s philosophy and may render the teacher more effective. Lives on the Boundary is a first person account composed of eight chapters each of which treat a different obstacle faced by Mike Rose in his years as a student and as an educator. More specifically in chapters one through five Mike Rose focuses on his own personal struggles and achievements as a student. Ultimately the aim is to highlight the underpreparedness of some of today’s learners.

First and most importantly Mike Rose writes the book in the first…show more content…

Mr. Rose presents many descriptive vignettes of teaching professionals in his life who have influenced him both positively and negatively and whom he has retained for emulation or distinction. These characters in his life include teachers from grammar school throughout his college experience. All have in one way or another left a considerable imprint on his recollection of school and learning.

Mike Rose experienced a few teachers who used corporal punishment to control their classrooms. Brother Dill for example he describes as a “troubled and unstable man who also taught freshman English. When his class drifted away form him, which was often, his voice would rise in paranoid accusations, and occasionally he would lose control and shake or smack us.” (Rose 25) Rose also described his physical education who would use violence to “make men out of us.” (Rose 25)

Mr. Mitropetros was described as not having much training in teaching English so therefore had students read aloud from Julius Caesar over and over. This did not provide any understanding of the text, only a memorization of the dialogue. (Rose 25) Rose also describes several other teachers who did not have a positive affect on him, but left him questioning their knowledge of the subject they taught.

Rose was placed, in error, in a vocational group of students, which was a lower level. He spent two years in that track before being rescued by

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