Johns Hopkins Nursing Cover Letter

John C. Doe
1234 Main St.
Columbia, MD 21045

November 13, 20XX

Company:  Verizon

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my interest in a position with Verizon, specifically within the IT division. Currently, I am employed as a program manager with ABC Cooperation. Due to a recent job title change and the subsequent H1B visa status conflict which resulted from this change, I am no longer permitted to continue with my current position, hence the reason for my current job search.

I am confident that my wide range of industry and academic experience will make me a valuable addition to your team. I have a strong background in business management, software applications and IT security for business applications. As a self-motivated professional, I helped different IT units eliminate current and upcoming audit issues, enhance product functionality, quality testing and correlate between IT and Business unit. In XYZ Bank I also participated in executive-level communications and negotiations for creating a strategy and vision to develop Security Monitoring Architecture for business compliance and standard.

Please consider the following qualifications:

  • M.S in IT
  • Experience in Project, Product and Program Management
  • Two years experience in financial institution – XYZ Bank Headquarters
  • Winner of 1st Annual Business Case Competition at University of Texas

Key accomplishments include:

  • Developed local working model for monitoring ID Administrators work flow process in financial business applications, to scrutinize rightful changes for business application users
  • Established a working environment with programmers and project managers to manage information work flow and product demand
  • Identified server security issues regarding internal and external policies which resulted in improvement of business compliance

Enclosed is my resume for your review. I will contact at the end of next week to assure receipt of my materials and to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


John C. Doe


Resumes and cover letters are marketing tools designed to sell you, your skills, and accomplishments to a potential employer.

To assist you in your job search, we’ve provided resume samples for teaching, counseling, and law enforcement. These samples are a guideline for you to use while creating your own resume. Please note, employers will notice if you are cutting and pasting from a resume sample. Be thoughtful and personal when designing and writing your own resume. Make sure your resume is written for a specific position.  You can create your own template, but will need to change it according to the job requirements. Your resume should demonstrate that you have the requisite skills to meet the hiring employer’s needs.

Resume Samples


Special Education


Law Enforcement

The cover letter is a letter of introduction and the first interaction between you and the employer. It should be engaging, position specific, and well-written. A cover letter should explain strengths that may not be listed in your resume and reasons for your interest in the position.  If the employer asks for specific information in the job description – such as salary requirements, or an interview date – make sure you include all these items.  This letter should reflect your personality and attitude.

When writing your cover letter, avoid fancy serif fonts and try to keep it to one page.  We recommend that you use Times New Roman or Helvetica with a size of 11 points. Don’t use acronyms unless they are spelled out the first time used. Use high quality bond paper with matching envelopes and personal note cards.  Reproduce your resumes professionally or use a laser printer.  Don’t staple your resume. Use a paper clip instead.

Cover Letter Samples

We wish you success in your job search and hope these samples and suggestions are helpful.


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