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Cultural Differences between the West and East

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Every person on the Earth has one own mind, one own set of values, and own moral codex. Therefore it is not astonishing, that two individuals can have different opinions on given topics. Now, if we consider the distances dividing certain cultures, it is more than apparent, that the set of beliefs will be very much different. This essay sets it goal to compare Western World, here represented by Europe and the USA, and Eastern World, represented by the Eastern and the Southeastern Asia. While most of the Eastern Asia is heavily traditional because of influence of Confucianism and Taoism, the West is more liberal and atheistic. Because of this, these two cultures parts away in questions of family traditions, family bonds, general respect…show more content…

Many would argue, that such strong bonds must hold an individual back, when in fact, they establishes a very solid base for support, either financially or morally, for one’s business and psyche.
Furthermore, Asians have commonly an immense respect for their elders, whereas in the Western World are the elders seen more as a burden. The Asian families are generally centralized around family elders, usually the grandparents, and they, are visited by the children and the grandchildren instead of the reverse. Moreover, one cannot doubt person of higher hierarchy rank, cannot act rude towards them, and must obey their commands and wishes. In addition, Asian son or daughter is obliged to personally take care of elders, rather than providing them only with a nursing home. In comparison, the western families are more decentralized, isolated and individualistic, and furthermore, visiting grandparents’ house is viewed as a boredom and necessary evil, rather than reunion with family member. Some individuals might go as far and ridicule the Asians, but it was not so long ago, that many European families were fashioned the same way and moreover I believe such respect towards seniors can teach person self-control, calmness, and humility, skills much needed in professional careers.
And moreover an Asian tend to strive for admiration and respect from his peers and elders on every aspect of their life, therefore Asian parents puts such stress on their

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Western Culture

  • Western culture refers to Europe and North America.
  • Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are some common religions honed in the Western world.
  • The population in western countries are more liberal than those in the east. The westerns are more open and blunt. For example, topics like sex or birth of a child are openly discussed in western culture, whereas in the east, these topics are still a taboo.
  • People in the west are more open to express their feelings. If they are angry, they may express. But, people in the east may cover it for tact and good manners.
  • Also, a person is given preference over family, so a person is more flexible and free to take decisions on his own, unlike those in the east.
  • Concepts like arranged marriages are not at all common in the west. They go for love marriages as they believe in a concept that love comes before marriage.

Difference Between East And West In Terms Of Education…

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Is education in the East superior to education in the West? So, let’s explore for the same…

Creativity vs. Hard Work

Western educational systems focus on the ideas of creativity. Obviously, the system being a system means that numerous things are bound together, but still, it normally does it’s best to elevate individual ways to deal with various students.

Whereas in Eastern education, it is all about hard work and struggle. Nothing is difficult if you practice hard. Consequently, kids are given lots of homework and are instructed to buckle down. That is the reason Asian students are frequently considerably more profitable than their peers when they get into more casual Western educational institutions.

Participation vs. Reception

Western education moves further and facilitate along the road of transforming students into undeniable members of the training procedure. They are urged to make inquiries and debate with their instructors, to think critically.
Though in the East, students are the beneficiaries, they submit to the authority of teachers and the method itself is far less interactive.

Special Needs: Inclusion vs. Separation

Western education makes incredible efforts to include kids with extra needs into the general mass of students, they have a tendency to be educated together with ordinary kids or if nothing else it is considered to be their major right.
In the East, we normally see an oppositely inverse approach – kids with disability are quite often taught separately from the rest, and it isn’t thought to be unfair, just logical.

Conclusion: East vs West

So, this was all about how the culture and education system of East differs from the west. We can’t compare the cultural or education systems of eastern countries to the western countries. But, more important is how people of both the countries adopt each other’s cultural values and educational system.

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