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Recently, I have engaged with colleagues at my place of work to respond to the question, “What will school look like in 5 years?” We were encouraged to dream about the possibilities of what might be….

Therefore, in the spirit of messiness and complexity, and with the understanding that relational trust is all important, I put together this piece of “My Dream School”.

My dream school is one which strives to develop literate and numerate students who harness the power of digital technology to become ‘self-regulated learners’. Students would do this through learning opportunities which provide them with greater choice of subject matter, learning methods and pace of study. Furthermore, I dream of a school where students are granted the autonomy to challenge themselves and take risks to collaborate, co-create and think critically through learning experiences which are relevant to the real world.

As such, my Dream School acknowledges every student with the dignity and respect they deserve through the provision of student voice and student agency. The school supports of parents as the primary educators, enables children to become young adults who can recognise, have access to, and take up opportunities that will grow them as compassionate people with integrity and moral strength to make right and just decisions.

I dream with the end in mind and use the following questions to provoke thought

  • What will be required of students when they leave school?
  • What will be required of students who started Year 7 this year and leave school in 2020?
  • What will be required of Kindergarten students who leave school in 2027?

Furthermore, this Dream School prepares students for post school life in a world which is increasingly a different one to when their parents left school. In saying that, we must remember, the world will be different for our students in their early years of primary school as compared to our students due to graduate at the end of this year. Principles for Future Employees guides my thinking…..

I dream of a school where we dare attempt to measure ‘hard to measure skills’ of communication, collaboration, critical thinking creativity, innovation and leadership.  Why? because those skills, rather than test scores, will be more important for students in the world that awaits them…..

I dream of a school where we value teamwork as much as individual brilliance. Let me explain…..

American University, Professor Stephen Courtwright argues that organisations, especially in technology, are more than likely to be team based. He cites longitudinal survey of Fortune 1,000 companies which found in 1980 that less than 20 percent of companies had team-based structures; in 1990 that became 50 percent, and by the year 2000, 80. Now, almost all have 100% team-based. He then concludes, “It is more important for children to be taught how to gain the trust of teams, rather than the adoring approval of their manager.”

Martin Luther King said, “I have a Dream!” He did not say, “I have a Strategic Plan”. It is in that spirit, but very much without the charisma and courage, I offer (and in no particular order) …..


  • Where big, open-ended questions are valued more than answers for closed, state based, mandated tests.


  • Where Teach Meets and Dream Meets occur more regularly than Staff Meetings.


  • Where Vision and Trust inform School Annual Plans as much, if not more than data.


  • Where Digital Literacy and Network Literacy are valued as much, and measured as often, as English Literacy.


  • Where Maker Spaces are seen as Learning Spaces;
  • Where Coding sits as a subject along-side English and Maths; and,
  • Where students do not ask, “Miss, does this count towards my report?”


  • Where digital technologies are used for real time reporting and even replace summative semester reports that can be up to five months old.


  • Where classrooms look like playgrounds and playgrounds are seen as classrooms.


  • Where BOSTES mandated hours are delivered to their minimum, therefore freeing up time students to engage in self-regulated interest projects where they set the marking criteria and then have peers provide feedback without marks or grades.


  • Where a teacher is judged as much as the ‘colour’ of their classroom as they are on the ‘content’ they deliver.


  • Where the timetable serves the needs of learning rather than the delivery of subjects.


  • Where risk is valued more than compliance!
  • Where questions are followed by more questions rather than the quickest answer we can find; and,
  • Where the process of learning is valued, measured and assessed as much as the end product.


  • Where teachers work with other teachers and teams of students by planning, preparing and co-creating real world learning experiences .

Finally, I DREAM OF A SCHOOL….where student voice and student agency inform more than strategic plans and annual goals.After all, schools look radically different when we see it through the eyes of children. This requires teachers to unlearn and relearn their role.



Like this:



by Tomoya on July 24, 2014 - 4:47am

I would like to talk about my future. At first, I would like to explain my introduction. I am the person who is a student in Kansai University of International Studies. My future is to be an English teacher and to be able to speak English fluently. I want to talk to foreigners in English, but I am not good at speaking English, so I want to improve my English skills. I have some reasons why I want to become an English teacher.
First one, when I was a high school student, the teacher taught me how to study English such as Speaking, Writing, and so on. In addition, he taught me how to deal with problem such as entrance examination. I really respect him in everything. He is the person who is able to speak English well, but he has not studied English at the university, because he was majoring in mathematics or science. I wonder why he can speak English all the time, and I asked him, he answered me that speaking English is easy if you study hard English. I heard from his words, and I decided to study English when I was in high school.
Secondly, I leaned by mistake, when I took the entrance exam. My preferred school was difference, but I have no regrets, because my life of the moment become fulfilled in environmental my school days. It is the most important reasons in my choice.
Finally, I want to teach English for children, because I fault the entrance exam when I took the entrance exam 3 years ago .In my case, I fault, but I want children to pass the test, and I hope that they try not to fail it. Therefor I want to be an English teacher.
However, I think that if I want to be an English teacher, I have to study English, or improve my English skills, especially, Speaking. If I cannot speak English, I will be ashamed. It is impossible to become it. When I entered this university, I confused, because I could not speak English fluently. Also, we had to speak English during the classes, so I didn’t have a confidence to improve my English skills or not. I sometimes thought everyone was confusing like me, and I decided to help each other and decided to enjoy having a day in our school lives. When I was a freshman, I didn’t think about my future, but as I growing, I concerned about my future, especially, after graduation. I don’t know whether I can get a job or not. I really think about this and try to improve my motivation every time. I think if I can speak English well, I can contact with foreigners in English. Also, I want to talk to them, so I decided to study English.
Anyway, I am going to study abroad to Taiwan for one year to improve my English ability. I can study only English, but also Chinese, too. I have never been to there, so I decided to go to Taiwan. To be honest, I am nervous, because my English skill is poor and I don’t know everything about Taiwan. However, I am looking forward to going Taiwan. In my case, I am going to share the room with my roommates in the dormitory. I wish I could have many foreign friends. In addition, I also try to talk to them in English or Chinese. I am studying Chinese. If I didn’t study Chinese, I must be confused, because of languages. I also think “what are they talking about?” “What do you want to do?” etc… If I don’t understand what they said, I cannot understand anything. I have just imagined when I feel nervous. Actually, I have a friend who is Chinese student in my university. She said me that if you want to study Chinese, ask me, she said. I was extremely happy, because I didn’t think she talked me about that. At the same time, I said her that if you don’t understand Japanese, please asks me. I have to study abroad. It means nobody can help me everything, because they don’t know me and never talked to me. When I arrived at Taiwan, I need to go one self. I have never been to other countries by one self, so I don’t know whether I really can go or not. I think if I have lost ways, what should I do?
I have these issues, but when I get back to Japan, my characteristic will be strong. In addition, I have also huge confidence for everything. I have to go junior high school on my third year as a teacher. In Japan, it calls teaching practicums. Those who wants to be an English teacher or something teacher should take part in this program. I heard from my senior students, they said it was very hard. Almost all people talked me that. After I heard their experience, I could have motivation, on the other hand, I felt nervous, too. Some of the senior student who can speak English well, and I respect them, but they said it was very hard and it made them tired. Absolutely, I will be confusing two years later. Therefor I decided to go Taiwan and to improve my confidence. I wish I could speak English or Chinese fluently.
Finally, I would like to explain about Taiwanese famous thing. For example, food, building. I heard from my frien.ds it is very delicious. Especially, there is such as ramen in Taiwan. I have never eaten such as Chinese food, so I chose that I will go to Taiwan. There are a lot of famous things in Taiwan, such as building. It is famous for the anime movie, as you know, there is a place where locates to the suburb in north in Taiwan. You can go to see them. This place are using by kinds of watch movies. Do you know the “Mononoke Princes” in Japan? It famous for the world and you maybe know this one. If you interested in my writing passage or favor for my topic, I recommend you to watch this movie. Thank you for reading my essay.


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