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This weekend at the SCBWI SF North & East Bay Region Fall Conference I will be teaching my first ever Dream Board class. Why? Because I believe they work.

The vision board puts your ideas and goals into a space that you can see with your eyes. It's a place that allows you to concentrate on, and visualize your desires.

Some of you might say, I don't need one because I am so focused, and obtain my goals as is. That could be true for you. I have hit many goals in my life without a dream board. But, I am very driven, and tend to stay on task, especially before I had children. 

Now, like many of my peers, I feel scattered. I feel like I don't have time to focus on what I really want when I am focusing on my family, and what they want and what they need. So, the dream board helps me get focused now. 

The idea is that if you, once a day, take the time to acknowledge your desires, goals, and the direction you want to head, you can help them to come true. This does not mean that you simply have to look at the word WRITER or ILLUSTRATOR and you will become one. But, it is a first step in the right direction.

The vision board can list many ideas, and goals at once too. Or, it can be very narrow in scope. Mine mixes writing, with health, family and love. But, you can choose to do yours with words and pictures on one subject. It all depends on your ideas about where you want to be or where you see yourself in the future.

The reason I started vision boarding was this story:

A psychologist….and I am sorry I forgot his name (I'll keep trying to find it)…. was playing around with the idea of visualizing where he wanted to be. He wasn't married, and lived in a city that did not excite him. He started his vision board as a project for study, and for self-interest. He cut out virtues of a person he would like to find to date, he also cut out a house, a city, and a career he hoped and dreamed for.

After many months, his studies took him to other things. He put his dream boards away and concentrated on those. He had to move across the country for his job, started dating, and bought a house once he got engaged. Five years later, he was unpacking the last remaining boxes in his office and came across his dream boards. He was blown away by what he saw. The virtues of the woman he wanted to find fit his wife to a T. The house was almost an exact replica. And he was in a city that he loved in California. It had all come true.

Now, I look at my board and see many things that have come true for me. And, I believe it's because I set real goals, and thought about them everyday. Even through changing diapers, preschool, moving twice, and elementary school starts. Using a dream board, helped me stay focused. Then, I set out to find classes, workshops, and friends that would help me to reach my goals.

I haven't reached all of them, but I am on my way. And, you will be too. 
Good Luck and as always,



Many successful authors have found that creating dream boards helps them visualize and focus on their writing career paths and their processes. Making a dream board (also called a vision board or dream collage) can be fun, easy, and truly enlightening for writers.

What Is A Dream Board?

The traditional dream board is a poster board filled with a collage of images torn from magazines or printed off the Internet—images that reflect a person’s goals, hobbies, and inspiration.

Why Do Writers Need A Vision Board?

With a vision board, your dreams of “Get my writing accepted” or “Publish a novel” can become more tangible. By focusing on quotes, words, and images that represent your dreams, you can visualize the process of getting your work published, or landing a literary agent, or finishing that creative writing course.

Some authors use dream boards to focus on a novel in progress, with the images in the collage representing theme, characters, mood, and setting. Writers may also create vision boards to plan out their publishing or monetary goals for the year or to lay out ideas for marketing and promoting their work. Dream boards can also help authors visualize their creative goals, like writing in a new genre or tackling a difficult or painful subject.

A vision board can also serve as a visual depository for all the ideas running through your head. For example: If a photo of a rose inspires ideas for a short story or poem about your grandmother, stick it on your board as a reminder until you get the chance to start writing.

Whatever your reason for creating a dream board, these visual reminders will help you stay focused on writing in a multitasking world.

How To Make A Traditional Dream Board

Collect inspirational words and images that embody the spirit of your goal: the title page of your favorite book; quotes and positive affirmations; a picture of a smiling, confident person; a wad of cash; the logo of your favorite publishing house; a writers’ retreat you’d love to attend; the word “persevere.”

Arrange these images using pushpins or other temporary adhesive on a poster board, foam-core board, or a large corkboard, and embellish with whatever you’d like—stickers, flowers, a fortune cookie fortune. Place the board where you’ll see it every day. You can add or subtract images at any time as your writing goals change or are accomplished.

How To Make A Digital Dream Board

There are many vision board software programs to choose from, some more workable than others. Picasa, Google’s photo program, allows you to create a digital collage of images, as do Glogster and Ript. Or you can create a board on Pinterest around a central theme. Once you’ve created your digital dream board, you can use it as your computer’s screen saver or wallpaper, or print it out.

Think Positive; Dream Big

Many people believe in the power of visualization and positive thinking—that visualizing reaching a goal will turn it into reality. Whether you believe this or not, a dream board is a useful way to define your goals, create a positive outlook, and make your dream come true!

QUESTION: Have you ever created a dream board? 

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