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Degree Planner

A printable degree option. You can pick any program or degree, click on the paper icon, top right hand corner, and it will put it into a format that you can print off and include in your notebook. It will help you keep track of what term you took the course, grade and if it was a Gen Ed course.

My Portfolio - Is Your Personal Catalog -

Allows you to record and track your favorite degrees, programs, courses and requirements. Click on the My Portfolio link on the left hand side, create an account with an email address and a password of your choice, and then start adding information while browsing the catalog.

While browsing the catalog, if you see a star icon in the top right hand corner of the page, you can click on the star to save the item in your personal portfolio. Save things that only pertain to you, not the whole catalog.  This is quick and easy when you want to share information with your advisor, parents or friends.

This tool can also be used by departments and advisors.  You can make a specialized catalog, only for the area that you are advising in, quick information at your fingertips.

ENG203A: Literary Analysis and Composition II[Insert Term]**Assignments marked in red are teacher-graded assignments,which follow the four-week permanent-zero policy.Fall Term 1DateWork To CompleteAssignments Due8/10/2016Orientation/Online Learning8/11/2016Session 1:LC 1.01: Semester 1 IntroductionBegin Discussion8/12/2016Session 2:LC 1.02: The Elements of a Story8/15/2016Session 3:LC 1.03: "The Story of an Hour"Discuss: Introductions8/16/2016Session 4:LC 1.04: Reading DaySession 5:LC Lesson 1.05: "After Twenty Years"8/17/2016Session 6:LC 1.06: Your ChoiceSession 7:LC Lesson 1.07: "An Occurrence at Owl CreekBridge"8/18/2016Session 8:LC 1.08: Unit TestLC 1.08 Unit 1 Test: Part 1LC 1.08 Unit 1 Test: Part 28/19/2016Session 9:GM 1.01: Compound SubjectsVC 1.01: Our Evolving Language Session 18/22/2016Session 10:GM 1.02: Compound VerbsVC 1.02: Our Evolving Language Session 28/23/2016Session 11:GM 1.03: Direct Objects


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