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Study is a main duty of students. Many students feel study is so hard and difficult. There are various different reasons that might play the vital role in making students lazy and inactive as far as the studies concerned, but few of the reasons which are considered to be significant and the most crucial one are being listed below:

The first reason of being lazy in during the studies is the incomplete sleep, if the students are not having the proper sleep during the night they will always feel lazy and dizzy while their studies. Many students are stuck in game or addicted the internet. They are awake all night to online, chat, surf facebook or do something else relating the internet. Studies is a mental activity so it require the freshness of the mind which is mainly achieved through proper sleep and once the sleep is not being taken properly than the laziness will prevail during the studies.

The second reason is many students never think about future, plus they are involved in too many activities and having too much fun. Seventy per cent of total students don’t know what they are studying for; fifty per cent of students don’t know what they will do in future; and almost student have no aim for their life. Those are the reason why they don’t effort to study hard. They are lazy and rely on their parents.

The third one is the specialty which they are pursuing is not in line with their hobbies and dream. Therefore, they feel boring and uncomfortable on studying it. Many students go to university because of their parent’s request, do not because they like it. Almost people do not want to be obliged; they want to do what they like. So, some students are lazy in studding subjects that they hate or do not like are easy to understand.

In additions, the lesson is not interesting, procrastination, more interested in playing and watching television than studying are also reasons of being lazy in studying. Many students slept while teacher was teaching because they feel insipid and sleepy with the lesson. Especially, studying for long continuous hours, their body is tired and can not continue studying any more.

In general, there are many objective and subjective reasons of being lazy in studying of students. Students should find out the causes and try to overcome them. We will have a good future if we study hard and go on the right way.

People with lyme disease or iron deficiencies or any other such ailments may appear to be quite lazy, especially if they forego activities that their friends and families partake in.  These problems are especially troublesome if they're undiagnosed, for no one can see or know of a specific cause of a person's inactivity.

Of course, all of the possible causes (save the physiological) don't justify a life without accomplishment.  Nor does knowing that you're being lazy because of fear compensate for what you miss out on in life because of your unwillingness to act.  The key to dealing with laziness is taking action, and the key to taking action is finding the motivation to do so.  What do we do, though, when a person simply doesn't want to be motivated to do anything?  What do we do about the person at work who isn't willing to do his or her share of the current task?  What do we do about the student who doesn't do the homework because he or she prefers to lay around, talking on the cell phone or watching TV?

And how do we define "lazy"?

My definition most certainly would be different than yours.

Of course, the answers aren't simple.  Most people have heard the lectures and the begging and the pleading and the "it's your life--waste it in front of the tube if you want to" spiels, and there's not much more we can do.  Hopefully, we can be understanding enough to help them to see just what they're missing in life, and just how things could be if they were to change their patterns of behavior.  They're missing out on a lot in life, and many of them don't realize just what they're missing, because they've never experienced it.  How can we motivate them?  How can we show them just what their lives would be like if they were to take some risks, to act, to live their lives themselves rather than vicariously through entertainment media?

I don't know the answers to those questions, but I do know that if laziness is the determiner of your behavior, then you're missing out on much of what this beautiful world has to offer.  Please take your place in the world and be a positive influence to others.  Help to teach others of the beauty of living life and of being active in life, not the boredom and tedium of being lazy.

As a footnote, I must add that one of the greatest tragedies for me to witness is the effect of lazy parents on their children.  I've seen many children growing up slovenly and lazy because they've learned the patterns from their parents.  We need to be stronger role models to these kids than to some others--we need to let them see how much the world offers, and help them realize that they'll miss it all if they continue to emulate their parents.  It's difficult, but for their sake, it's necessary.


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