Canada Food Guide Assignment

Grades 4-5 Teaching Tool Kit

Embark on your Mission Nutrition* learning adventure now!

Our unique program for Grades 4-5 takes students on exciting space-themed adventures with the intergalactic Mission Nutrition* team. Captain Kip*, Glubber* and Handy-Bot* will entertain your students as you teach valuable lessons about healthy eating, active living and positive self-esteem.

Together, your students will:
  • Explore the nutrients that fuel their bodies with fun experiments
  • Research vitamins and minerals and solve nutrient mysteries
  • Take a closer look at the nutrition information on food labels
  • Create posters to show how the food we eat affects body systems
  • Compare their food choices to Canada's Food Guide
  • Track their health promoting habits on our healthy living calendar
Click on the links below to view and print the resources:

My Food Guide

My Food Guide is an interactive tool that customizes Canada's Food Guide just for you.

It helps you:

  • learn how many Food Guide Servings you need to eat from each of the four food groups
  • choose your favourite types of foods from each food group
  • see how much food is in one Food Guide Serving
  • choose physical activities you enjoy

Creating your personalized guide takes about five minutes. You can then print it and stick it on your fridge for quick and easy reference!

Create My Food Guide

My Food Guide mobile application

The My Food Guide mobile app gives you access to healthy eating information anytime, anywhere. Simply select your age, sex and food preferences to get your own customized Food Guide.

Download today:


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