Good American History Essay Topics

Choosing The Most Intriguing Argumentative Essay Topics In US History

Essays are one of the most crucial and important works of our education career. We get to learn about new topics everyday while writing on several forms. There are many varieties of topics depending on the subject you would choose to write a paper. It might be on the social or cultural or might be even on educational aspects. You have to have a broad mentality to come up with a nice write up.

How to come up with an intriguing essay topic:

  • The topic is the most important thing for an essay. You have to be quite sure about the idea that you want to expand on. The topic should be intriguing as the one you have been vested to write over i.e., US history. As the topic suggests it is quite deep and has a deep significance in world matter.
  • The topic should be quite controversial when you are writing an argumentative write up. The US history has much of controversies which are too good for an argumentative view point.
  • You should suggest good titles for the topic. It should be luring and should be filled with creative sense.

Topics of argumentative essay on US history:

  • Discus the relation between Native American religions to its environment?
  • What are the impacts of civilizations on the Native American?
  • What are the theories that suggest the authenticity of lost colony of Roanoke?
  • The controversy of Salem Witch trial.
  • The concept of “republican mother” which portrays the role of women in the colonization of America.
  • The role of Thomas Paine’s in the American Revolution and the causes of it?
  • The controversial factors which ultimately leaded the Americans to the victory in the Civil War.
  • Weakness of article of confederation was renewed by the constitution of America. Discus how they did it and what norms they took forward?
  • The difference between the aristocrats and the democrats in the American civilization- discus the biasedness.
  • The debate between The Federalist and the Anti-Federalist and the outcome of the debate?
  • Whiskey revolution and its mass effect on the American history.
  • The impact of the case of MarburyVs Madison on the American judiciary system.
  • Utopian culture was much known for its controversy and discus the goals and methods.
  • What were the reasons which led to the Indian removal Act?
  • What lead to the Mexican war and how was it solved?
  • A List of Unique American History Essay Topics for High School

    If you want your American History essay to be really interesting for others to read, you should pick the topic that will be both unique and easy for you to write on. Here are several fresh topics you might consider for your essay.

    1. How was the North American Continent discovered?
    2. How did the discovery of the New World influence the life of the Indians?
    3. What were the reasons for British colonization of the North America?
    4. What was life like for the early settlers in America?
    5. What were the differences between the Northern and Southern colonies?
    6. The role of women in colonies.
    7. What were the causes of the Salem witch trials?
    8. Slavery in America: how did it happen?
    9. How did slavery impact on the American economy?
    10. Who were the Pilgrims?
    11. How did the Puritans influence American society?
    12. What was the nature of the conflicts between Native Americans and the colonists?
    13. Why did the American Revolution started?
    14. What were the results of the American Revolutionary War?
    15. Did the status of African Americans change after the civil war?
    16. What was the purpose of the First Amendment to the Constitution?
    17. Was National Prohibition successful?
    18. Why did America enter the First World War?
    19. How did the Great Depression start?
    20. The role of the USA in the Second World War.
    21. What if Japan hadnot attacked Pearl Harbor, would the US have enteredWorld War 2?
    22. Was the bombing of Hiroshima justified?
    23. What was the Cold War?
    24. What were the causes of the Vietnam War?
    25. The Iraq War: was it a mistake?
    26. Could the September 11 attacks have been prevented?
    27. Why was the Korean War necessary to the United States?
    28. Could the Cuban Missile Crisis escalate into a war?
    29. Is John Kennedy death still a mystery?
    30. Why was the Civil Rights Movement in the US effective?
    31. How did Martin Luther King influence America?
    32. Why was Martin Luther King killed?
    33. Was the My Lai Massacre a military crime?
    34. The unsolved mystery of the lost colony ofRoanoke: discovering the truth.
    35. What is the impact of theCalifornia Gold Rush?
    36. Was the contribution of women in the Civil War important?
    37. How did the death of Abraham Lincoln influence the US?
    38. Why were the labor unions created?
    39. What is the Gilded Age?
    40. How did the San Francisco earthquake affect the city?
    41. What have caused the Great Depression?
    42. How did the US benefit from the Mexican War?
    43. Why did American settlers use the Oregon Trail?
    44. How did the US become a superpower?


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