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The Benefits of Physical Activity Essay

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Studies have shown that one who is physically active has higher chances of living longer. Del Sanden writes in his article on Exercise Statistics, "People who engage in physical for 7 hours per week have a 40 percent lower chance of dying early than people who are active for less than 30 minutes a week." This statement is one of the many statements in his article proving the importance of fitness; it has the ability to enhance quality of life. Regular exercise can lower the risk of many diseases, improve the function of the physical body, as well as psychological health.

Fitness by definition is the condition of being physically fit and healthy. It does not necessarily mean gym workouts, it means being active. When one is active, the…show more content…

Another disease that is commonly found in the US, but can be prevented by physical activity is Diabetes. Diabetes is a disease when the body does not produce enough insulin making sugar levels very high. However, when muscles are in action they can take the sugar/glucose from the blood without the help of insulin. The amount of physical activity necessary for prevention is minimum and does not take up much time. "Research suggests that 2 1/2 hours per week of even leisurely physical activity—like brisk walking—is enough to significantly improve glucose tolerance." By going walking instead of sitting by a television screen, one can prevent a disease like diabetes which requires constant medication. Decisions like taking steps instead of elevator can make a huge difference to one's health.

Besides for the aforementioned, being active strengthens the body, making it more reliable. Activity works the bones and muscles, making them able to handle more. Bones are living tissue. "Weight-bearing physical activity causes new bone tissue to form, and this makes bones stronger. This kind of physical activity also makes muscles stronger. Bones and muscles both become stronger when muscles push and tug against bones during physical activity." This build up enables the body to carry it's own weight, making standing on the feet an effortless activity. Stronger bones helps for better balance

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The Importance of Physical Activity Essay

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The teaching profession plays a fundamental role in educating children. Some of which include physical activity Teachers engage in many roles in student’s learning, some of which are more challenging and important than others and all which contribute to a child’s development. The process of childhood development is dynamic, recognised by various fields including the influential society, inherited characteristics through genetics, and the psychological behaviour of the child. These fields all play their own roles in directly affecting the process of child development. “A child’s developmental journey is guided by three factors which include nature, nurture and the child’s own activity” McDevitt & Ormrod (2010, p. 4). Physical, cognitive…show more content…

“Obesity is considered to be a global health epidemic by the world health organization (2000)” (McDevitt & Ormrod 2010, p. 169), explaining that childhood obesity is an increasing problem in society and “being overweight increases a child’s risk for a number of conditions, which include, asthma, high-blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease” (“Health Risks of Overweight Children,” 2010). Being physically active provides direct health benefits to children and it is this reason that the importance of physical activity be delegated into the curriculum and that physical activity should be made compulsory in all schools and is the teacher’s job to enforce and uncover methods to prevent obesity.
Physical activities allow children to use their creativity while developing their mind, agility, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strengths. Physical activity is important to healthy brain development and it is through physical activities that children engage and interact in the world around them, therefore leading them positively in to middle childhood. “For children, physical activity enhances fitness, fosters growth and development, and helps teach them about their world” (Elliot & Sanders, 2002).
Indication that declining levels of physical activity are contributing to obesity, adding the importance of targeted intervention

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