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Review by: Ana-Kat on April 08, 2017 :
So I created this account so that I could discuss this book with like minded fans of the series and I was greatly disappointed to find that most of the individuals on this site have given this book such negative reviews. Did I think that the book was perfect? No, but then what book is? Seriously, there is never going to be a book that everyone loves in its entirety.

Yes, Olivia as a main character can be stubborn and pigheaded, but that's just a personification of her sheer human nature. Every person is flawed and so every character must be flawed as well. If Olivia were perfect, people would be complaining that she was a Mary-Sue.

All in all, I found this book very enjoyable and would highly recommend it to any readers that like Human/Alien romances or writer-created universes.
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Review by: Stassi Vander on Jan. 02, 2017 :
Seriously, one the best romances I've read in a long time.
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Review by: passionate reader on April 08, 2016 :
The first 100 pages of this long story is very interesting and exciting but unfortunately I have to admit that for my taste, the action of the story has dragged away too much. All in all, congratulations to the writer on such a big story!
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Review by: Lakisha Spletzer on Aug. 03, 2015 :
I like the premise of this first novel in the Brides of the Kindred series. The different types of Kindred and their specific needs in "brides" is interesting. However, there were a couple of things that irritated me about the story.

One of the things that drove me nuts was Olivia's constant denial of her situation and her whiny behavior at being selected as a bride for the Beast Kindred, Baird. Also her unwillingness to even try to get to know him better as well as her rule breaking were hard things to handle. And her quick change of behavior to a "save me, save me" mentality whenever her poor decisions landed her in hot water had me yelling at Baird to get rid of her and find someone better.

I like Baird. He had infinite patience and he bent over backwards to try to accommodate his unwilling and annoying bride to be. His attempts to move ahead with his life after suffering horribly at the hands of the enemy made me want to get to know him better.

The flow of the story was fine as was the overall writing of this story.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, but be prepared for the overflow of the whiny cup.
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Review by: Kemi Coker on Feb. 27, 2015 :
Started here and kept going. Having made it all the way to the end of book 14, I figured it was a good idea to come back and review. For me, I loved this series particularly because of the amount of effort that went into the world and the characters. Yes, some heroines I wanted to shoot and really only kept going because I 1) needed to know anyway and 2) loved the male characters. Each character has their own quirk, and I appreciate that.

For Claimed itself, I think it is a nice start. It and one other book are the only ones where the whole Bonding ritual actually go ahead, the rest center on adventure. There were times in this one where I totally rolled my eyes, but I loved it and I think it was worth it to get all of them
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Review by: Becky Swan on April 20, 2012 :
Great read. I look forward to reading more.
(reviewed 23 days after purchase)

Review by: Kae B on March 06, 2012 :
Loved this! I downloaded the sample and was hooked a few pages in. I loved the premise behind the story; it was something unique that I hadn't encountered before. Genetic trading... very cool. I didn't bother finishing the sample and instead purchased the whole series. Loved the plot and the sexy parts were well written. I think the only downside was that Olivia got on my nerves sometimes... :)
(reviewed 31 days after purchase)

Review by: carlene on Nov. 26, 2011 :
So good,can't wait to start on next book!!!
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

Review by: Kirst SA on Nov. 16, 2011 :
Average, same old formula stuff.
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)

Review by: Wendy Gibson on Nov. 12, 2011 :
I enjoyed this book but it is more 3.5 stars than 4 for me. It wasn't extremely "finish me in one sitting" but I did like it and would buy more in this series.
I'd say buy it and have a good read but if you want "come and get me and do me good" try Laurann Dohner or Lauren Dane for scifi.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

Review by: Darby OShieles on Sep. 20, 2011 :
I really enjoyed this book. Sexy fun adventure. Glad I purchased!
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

Review by: Barbara Stone on Sep. 10, 2011 :
Not bad, but not particularly believable either. The sex is well written but the plot is fairly trite and predictable.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

Review by: Wanda Santiago on Aug. 11, 2011 :
See my review of Sought. I love this series,
(reviewed 6 months after purchase)

Review by: Anastasia Alighieri on Aug. 10, 2011 :
This was my first purchase on Smashwords and I was very happy with the decision to buy. The characters are fully developed, the plot is imaginative and flowing, and the sex scenes are exceptionally well written.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: Rose on July 30, 2011 :
Great book. Lots of adventure!!
(reviewed 5 months after purchase)

Review by: S. Leo on June 24, 2011 : (no rating)
Well worth the price! It was a fun read that I really enjoyed. Looking forward to more of her books.
(reviewed 33 days after purchase)

Review by: Lisa on June 23, 2011 : (no rating)
I have always enjoyed Evangeline Anderson's books and this one is no exception. The story is well written and edited (which is wonderful). Great book and the price can't be beat.
(reviewed 58 days after purchase)

Review by: Agy Wilson on June 19, 2011 :
I greatly enjoyed this book. The characters were plausible and creative, I cared for their stories and well being. The sensual parts were deliciously juicy, and this was well worth the time and $$$ to read. Even better than Calgon! I gave it five stars, because though I have other books in my library, I think I have to read the next in line, starting, um, now.
(reviewed 15 days after purchase)

Review by: Lynn Pearson on May 27, 2011 :
I found this story a bit slow going at the start but it is well worth persevering with. Overall a very good read and thought provoking idea.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

Review by: C Muhammad on April 29, 2011 :
Well written book. It was a fast read for me because I couldn't put it down until I finished it! Fantastic work!
(reviewed 21 days after purchase)

Review by: Ciara Lake on April 23, 2011 :
Great book!
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

Review by: hanne christiansen on April 20, 2011 :
Loved this book!
(reviewed 43 days after purchase)

Review by: dreamer08 on April 05, 2011 :
In the beginning, I did get tired of her attitude at first, granted it was completely understandable, but it did get excessive at times. Later on it becomes apparent why she was written that way. Other than that it was a good read. I would recommend it. Has length and depth, both of which I like.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

Review by: karenjo on April 04, 2011 :
I have to say that I have been a fan of Evangeline's books for the last few years, both m/m and m/f. The variety of books she writes really is incredible and extremely imaginative. This one is probably my all time new favorite of any of her m/f sci-fi books to date. It is also a really great length novel (564 pages on my Sony ereader). There is nothing I hate more than paying $5-6 dollars for a book listed as a full length novel and when I load it onto my ereader it comes in at less than 200 pages long. Definitely not a problem with this one and would have been worth spending more to purchase it than the ridiculously inexpensive $2.99 I spent.

Since so many people have already commented on the plot I won't repeat anything here about it, all I can say is if for no other reason you have to read this book for the 'molesting mat' scene in the bathroom. I haven't laughed like that in a long time! Plus I am so looking forward to Sylvan's icy heart being melted by Sophia in the next book.

Evangeline was kind enough to reply to an email I sent to her and she let me know that the next book in the series 'Hunted' will probably be out in a couple of months and is longer and a little darker. Then Kat's book 'Sought' is after that (this one is with the Twin Kindred, won't that be a fun read!). They will definitely be going on my pre-order list.

So if you haven't read any of her books before than this is the one to start with. If for some reason you don't like sci-fi romances than check out some of her other contemporary, paranormal or erotic ones. If you want to try any of her m/m books than 'The Assignment' is an absolute must!
(reviewed 23 days after purchase)

Review by: Cynthia on March 31, 2011 :
Interesting plot and well-written. Sci-fi erotica can be hit or miss, this is definitely a hit. I've read other books by Evangeline and this is one of my favorites. I can't wait for the rest of the series to come out.
(reviewed 23 days after purchase)

Review by: hanne christiansen on March 30, 2011 :
Can't wait for the next one in the series :-)
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

Review by: KT Grant on March 20, 2011 :
Evangeline Anderson is a multi-published author who writes for a great amount of epublishers and many cross genres. When I heard about Claimed, her self-published sci-fi romance, I wanted to give it a read since I’ve enjoyed her past work. And how could I not read a borderline erotic sci-fi romance with what I call a yummy, possessive hot alpha type alien male? Evangeline is great at writing steamy tension with wonderful, seductive heroes. Her hero Baird is definitely one of them.

Claimed is set in 2030, five years after the Earth is attacked by the menacing aliens known as the Scourge. Earth is saved from another alien race called the Kindred. The Kindred are alien warriors, humanoids, and ones that are bigger or massive when it comes to human males. The Kindred were able to defeat the Scourge and now live in ships above the surface of Earth. They come to Earth for brides since they’re lacking their own females. A human female can even belong to two male Kindreds, where there’s a four week ceremony allowing the Kindred males or one lone male to court his bride. Week one is where he feeds her and caters to her every need. They also sleep in the same bed and can touch. Week two is when the bathe together and some intimate scrub-a-dubbing goes on. Week three is the tasting period. The Kindred male tastes his future bride in whatever way he likes (licky licky that secret area on the female), and week four is where they finally consummate their relationship and bond together (the male attaches himself inside his female with his “mating fist at the base of the Kindred’s shaft which is engaged only during bonding sex with his mate”. This brings to mind the whole barb scenario ala Lora Leigh or JR Ward.) From that they’re committed and married.

Baird anxiously waits for his female to claim as his bride. He’s been having dreams about Olivia Waterhouse for a long time. When he was captured and tortured by the Scourge, he thought about her constantly to keep him from going insane, and feels she saved him. Olivia is also having strange erotic dreams of some unknown man. (Take a guess who it could be?). These dreams disturb her because they don’t make any sense. And then when two draft officers come to her home and take her to Baird, she really freaks out. It seems human woman are placed into a draft to be married to a Kindred. Olivia has been drafted as Baird’s chosen bride.
Olivia is scared, and rightly so. There’s a good possibility she’ll never see her sister again and her friends because when a human woman is claimed by her Kindred husband, she barely goes back to Earth. Plus since Baird is a Beast Kindred, she knows he’ll be overly possessive, on edge and too big for her to handle. (Poor well-endowed Baird). Baird is so excited to finally claim Olivia, although he knows it will be hard work on his end. And when Olivia is forced to go with him, she’s not receptive to his gruff charms. She tells him she’ll give him his four weeks, but refuses to bond with him. Now Baird has to figure out a way to court Olivia gently and with respect in order for her to fall into love with him and want to stay with him forever.

Claimed is an inventive and quirky sci-fi romance with an adorable hero who lacks some social skills, including how to romance a woman. He’s very persuasive with his body in the way that Olivia can barely deny him. Baird is le sex on the alien stick. At no time does Baird overpower Olivia or force her to do what he wants, and that means when they are intimate. He may start something, but leaves it up to Olivia to finish it. Poor Baird walks around frustrated and is cranky at times. He also has some self-esteem issues because he thinks Olivia is scared of him and doesn’t find him handsome. If only he knew how much Olivia is attracted to him, but holds back because the idea of being separated from all she knows and those she loves is something she can’t accept.

There are some funny scenes, especially when Olivia tries to learn and navigate the Kindred way of life. When she investigates Baird’s home, she has a few problems, one being a rug in the bathroom that’s more like a human vibrator and a pet of Baird’s that looks like a cuddly teddy bear, but one with fangs for teeth. She also thinks Baird is drugging her into submission with his overpowering sexy scent. The sexual tension between Olivia and Baird is amazing, and Baird enjoys cuddling, taking baths and cooking for Olivia. This is my ideal man.

The only down side of Claimed is that it’s too long. There are long passages of internal dialogue from Olivia and shifting back and forth between her sister on Earth and then back on the ship. Also the ending with the Scourge seems tacked on in order to invoke a more emotional response so there can be a believable HEA to cement why Olivia has fallen for Baird.

Otherwise, I did enjoy Claimed. It’s a very sexy and sweet story with a close to perfect hero as you can get. Fans of Christine Feehan will like Claimed. I look forward to the future stories in this series and one I recommend you check out.
(reviewed 23 days after purchase)

Review by: ahnix on March 13, 2011 :
I have read several of Evangaline Andersons books and I loved them all , This books begans a new series for her and I look forward to the 2nd and 3rd books !
(reviewed 26 days after purchase)

Review by: ahnix on March 13, 2011 :
I have read several of Evangaline Andersons books and I loved them all , This books begans a new series for her and I look forward to the 2nd and 3rd books !
(reviewed 26 days after purchase)

Review by: Shelley Danelek on March 12, 2011 : (no rating)
Claimed By Evangeline Anderson was a fantastic read! I had to finish it the same day a bought it. I'm hoping that Evangeline Anderson writes the next one in the series very soon so that I can purchase it!
A Fan
Shelley A. Danelek
(reviewed 21 days after purchase)

Review by: goddessphd on March 12, 2011 :
I have been a huge fan of Mrs. Anderson's books for years. She is one of the few romantic authors who incorporates Sci-fi elements successfully into her books. I always admire her characters and the tension she uses in their relationship development. I really can't wait until the next book comes out. Seriously. Can't wait. Write faster!!!
(reviewed 21 days after purchase)

Review by: Karen Crotinger on March 12, 2011 : (no rating)
A hot intense read. I enjoyed it!
(reviewed 23 days after purchase)

Review by: cherryce williams on March 10, 2011 :
Great Book, Can't wait to read the next two books. could not put it down.
Ms. Anderson did a great job. was fast pace with out rushing the story .
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

Review by: Dana Alma on March 08, 2011 :
Book 1 in the Brides of the Kindred Series

Intense! Ardent! Evangeline pours sensuality into Claimed. Baird and Olivia’s passion is the secret ingredient.

Olivia Waterhouse leads a normal life in Tampa with her twin sister, Sophia. She has just recently finished nursing school and is excited about starting her new career. There’s only one problem, Olivia has been having strange dreams. Dreams filled with smoldering golden eyes, dreams of a man that is searching, searching for her.

Baird, a Kindred warrior, has escaped the horrors of the evil Scourge. The only reason he survived was because of his shared dreams with his mate. He has never meet or seen her but she gave him hope at his darkest hour. He lived to find her.

Liv has just been summoned, she has been drafted. She will now become a Kindred bride. She never expected to be drafted, much less be a bride to an alien. Baird claims his mate and transports her to his ship. Once aboard the craft Liv will be bombarded by feelings she never knew existed. Baird will make the ultimate sacrifice for the woman he loves.

The first book in the Brides of the Kindred will leave you wanting more. Great first book for what promises to be a terrific series. I can’t wait to see what happens in the second book.
(reviewed 12 days after purchase)

Review by: Nibor03 on March 05, 2011 :
I've been a fan of Evangeline Anderson for a while now, and she has never disappointed me and this book is no exception. I was captivated from the first page and didn't want to stop reading until I finished the book. The heroine, Olivia, is determined not to succumb to Baird, the Kindred warrior that has claimed her for his mate. Olivia is confused at her body's response to Baird. He smells so good and when he touches her, she thinks she might spontaneously combust. During her time on the spacecraft, Olivia has a few humorous encounters with strange alien food, exotic pets and live appliances. Baird is trying to be patient and caring towards his earthling bride, but she challenges his control at every turn. During their courtship, Baird is allowed more sexual freedom with each week of bonding. He has no problems making her body respond to his touch, but he is having a harder time winning her heart as she is one stubborn female.
(reviewed 17 days after purchase)

Review by: Jennifer Labelle on Feb. 28, 2011 :
Olivia Waterhouse has a promising career ahead of her, a twin sister who she shares an inseperable bond, and great friends. Shortly after kicking her cheating ex boyfriend to the curb, she begins to have dreams of a tall, dark and handsome man with golden eyes. The dreams are unsettling and she's not sure what to make of them. She begins to question herself as everything she dreams feels so real. She feels like there's a connection and as if second guessing herself wasn't hard enough she then finds herself being drafted to be a bride for an alien race.

Baird is a beast kindred. He's a huge alien warrior who recently escaped imprisionment with the strength and longing to be with the one he's destined for, Olivia Waterhouse. They've shared their minds and connected so he knows that no other in the universe is for him, but her and he's determined to make her his bride. Liv is reluctant to his advances and tries to distance herself from the unknown. She convinces herself that she's better off returning to earth, her sister and her career. Her mind tells her one thing, while her heart says another.
He worships her and pledge's his undying devotion and love, but it takes a dangerous enemy and an almost near death encounter before Liv
finally realizes that love is worth the fight to face her fears, and Baird is the answer to her happiness.

This novel hooked me right from the beginning. It has a unique plotline with many unsuspecting twists that intrigued me to want to know what happens next. The bonds between Baird and Olivia are what every woman longs for, and the seduction scenes are really sizzling. I would definately recommend this read, and can honestly say that I'm looking forward to reading the sequel.
(reviewed 4 days after purchase)

Review by: Kimberly Campbell on Feb. 21, 2011 :
One of the best books written by Ms. Anderson since Take Two or Pleasure Planet. The characters and storyline are extremely well developed, and the sex scenes are hot, hot, hot! I really enjoyed this book and can't wait for the next installment.
(reviewed 7 days after purchase)

Review by: Foxxxy on Feb. 20, 2011 : (no rating)
I've read previous books by Evangeline Anderson and liked all of them, but only loved one. Now that number has grown because I can honestly say I loved this book. The hero is a potent mixture of possessive alpha male neediness. I loved that Baird, the hero, was so patient. Nothing is sexier than a man that knows what he wants and isn't afraid to wait for you to figure it out too. I probably would have given in to him long before the heroine in the book got around to it. Hidden between sweet and passionate encounters was a universal message of acceptance that we can all learn from. I can't wait for the next installments. This series will definitely be added to my auto-buy list.
(reviewed 5 days after purchase)

Review by: Sandie Erskine on Feb. 17, 2011 :
Evangeline has a way with words and plot that had me completely captivated and unable to read fast enough. Her new book Claimed is an enthralling tale combining Sci-Fi elements and deep self sacrificing love.

Earth is attacked by an alien race. Two days later they are saved by another alien race. This one is humanoid although quite a bit bigger. With 95% of their population being male, they are in need of females to mate with them. In exchange for their protection Earth makes a deal with the Kindred. They will patrol and protect Earth. In exchange they will be able to “draft” some earth women as mates.

The chosen woman will spend 4 weeks with the mate who wants to claim her. It is up to him to convince her to stay and there are rules governing what he can do with his proposed mate. But nothing is ever that simple.

Baird is a Kindred who has been captured by The Scourge (the nasty aliens) and subjected to painful torture for 6 months. The only thing keeping him sane and alive during that were the dreams that he mind shared with Olivia.

Once Baird finds and claims Olivia the story becomes completely enthralling. A few of the words describing this book that spring to my mind are: Hot, Sexy, Sensual, Loving, and Self Sacrificing on both of their parts.

This is one of those rare books that will be read again soon and many times over. Claimed gets one of my Very, Very Highest Recommendations!!!

(reviewed 2 days after purchase)

There are 21 primary works and 28 total works in the Brides of the Kindred Series

A race of Genetic Traders from beyond the stars
Three very different types of men
All looking for one thing...their brides

In all their years of travel the Kindred have come across only three worlds with species close enough to their own to initiate a trade. Earth is the fourth.

Beast Kindred-Savage in battle these dark, brooding warriors from Rageron bring their passion and intensity to the bedroom. They possess a very special endowment that ensures every sexual experience is a tantric one.

Blood KiA race of Genetic Traders from beyond the stars
Three very different types of men
All looking for one thing...their brides

In all their years of travel the Kindred have come across only three worlds with species close enough to their own to initiate a trade. Earth is the fourth.

Beast Kindred-Savage in battle these dark, brooding warriors from Rageron bring their passion and intensity to the bedroom. They possess a very special endowment that ensures every sexual experience is a tantric one.

Blood Kindred-Cold as ice to their enemies, these tall, blond warriors from Tranq Prime warm up when they find the right woman. But be careful...they bite.

Twin Kindred-Muscular and rugged, these warriors from Twin Moons always come in pairs and cannot be separated. They experience physical pain when parted from each other...or the one woman they both choose to love.

And then there is the enemy...

The Scourge-A genetic trade gone wrong, these menacing outsiders have twisted desires and sexual needs fierce enough to frighten away even the most adventurous. Their need to dominate and possess their women completely has led to a strange prophesy that they must fulfill...or die trying....more


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